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TüN™ has been updated to deliver an even more powerful user experience with JL Audio DSP products.

You don’t have to connect to TwK or FIX hardware to check out the new features. All you need is a PC to launch TüN™ 2.0 in simulation mode to experience its powerful capabilities.

New in TüN™ 2.0!

FiX™ OEM Integration DSP Compatibility

FiX-82 and FiX-86 users can now view, measure and correct OEM audio signals (before and after), and also unlock new FiX™ output equalizers!

FiX-86 TüN Laptop
TüN™ 2.0
New in TüN™ 2.0!

Enhanced TwK™ System Tuning Interface

Enhancements include scalable windows, drag-to-select multiple EQ bands, simplified delay controls, and much more!

TuN TwK-88 Screen

TuN Scale Animation

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TuN Speaker Distance

New! Scalable Windows

New! Drag-to-Select EQ Bands

New! Simplified Delay Controls

TüN™ 2.0 is currently supported with the following JL Audio DSP products:

(FiX™ 82 and 86 require firmware updates to connect with TüN™ 2.0.)

FiX-82 Thumbnail FiX-86 Thumbnail TwK-88 TwK-D8 Thumbnail


Now Compatible!
OEM Integration DSP controlled by TüN™ software,
with Automatic Time Correction and Digital EQ


Now Compatible!
OEM Integration DSP controlled by TüN™ software,
with Automatic Time Correction and Digital EQ


System Tuning DSP controlled by TüN™ software, 8-ch. Analog & Digital Inputs / 8-ch. Analog Outputs


System Tuning DSP controlled by TüN™ software, Digital INPUT ONLY / 8-ch. Analog Outputs

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Hungry for more info?
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So, what can you do with TüN™, when connected to a FiX™ DSP?

• Apply 10-bands of user-defined Graphic EQ to each output signal. Yes, you can tune the system, after calibration. How cool is that!
• View the frequency response of all inputs from the OEM system in clear, graphical form. No need for other test equipment to troubleshoot calibration and signal issues.
• View the frequency response of the summed and corrected output signals. Get a clear view of the end result!
• Mute any input for troubleshooting and calibration optimization.
• Reverse the polarity of any input right from your laptop. Fix wiring errors with just a single click!
• Initiate a new calibration from your laptop. No need to access the FiX™ hardware!
• Defeat/Engage Delay Correction... great for demos!
• FiX™ 86 only: Apply high-pass filtering to the front and rear output signals. Creates a bandpass channel when used in conjunction with an amplifier's low-pass filter, allowing you to build 3-way active systems with any JL Audio full-range or system amplifer.

TwK Logo Thumbnail When used with a TwK™ DSP, TüN™ software controls the following features:

• Three available Project Levels: Basic, Advanced and Expert
• Preset Management: create and manage up to ten presets within each project, plus a Valet preset.
• Input and Output Channel labeling: alphanumeric entry allows you to name every input and output, for easy reference.
• Input Sensitivity for analog inputs (TwK™ 88 only): set your analog input levels for minimum noise and maximum clean level.
• Input Routing and Mixing: gives you full control over polarity and relative level, allowing for the creation of specialized channels, such as center channels and ambient rear channels.
• Eight EQ banks can be operated as eight 10-band graphic EQs or as eight incredibly powerful 10-band, fully parametric EQs, which can be flexibly assigned to multiple output channels or to a single output channel
• High Pass and Low Pass Filters: precisely control the bandwidth for each of the output channels with a choice of 6, 12, 18, 24 or 48 dB/octave slopes.
• Simplified Distance, Delay and Polarity controls: these simple-to-use tools help compensate for speaker distance and improve crossover performance and/or imaging and staging.
• DRC Setup: configures the included wired controller, just the way you want it.
• Signal Levels: allow you to fine tune the relative level of all channels in 0.1 dB increments.

Heard enough? Use the download link and take it for a spin already!