MM100s-BE & MMR-40 Promo Bundle

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MM100s-BE & MMR-40 Promo Bundle

MediaMaster® - Full-featured, weatherproof marine source unit with full color LCD display and Full-function, NMEA 2000® network wired remote controller with full color LCD display

Save $100 when purchased together

Package contains 1 ea. MM100s-BE and MMR-40

Note: Control of MediaMaster Source Units by the MMR-40 Remote requires connection to an exisiting NMEA 2000® Network or use of a JL Audio Powered Network Cable to simulate an isolated, stand-alone NMEA 2000® network.

Product Model SKU #
MM100s-BE & MMR-40 Promo Bundle 99920+99910
MM50 & MMR-40 Promo Bundle 99911+99910
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