RD900/5: 5 Ch. Class D System Amplifier, 900 W

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5-Channel Class D System Amplifier, 70 W x 4 @ 4 Ω + 500 W x 1 @ 2 Ω - 14.4V

Crafted as an all-in-one, total system solution, the RD900/5 is engineered to power a complete audio system consisting of a subwoofer + four satellite system with 900 watts of high-performance sound. Equipped with our exclusive NexD™ switching technology, this complete power package efficiently generates a potent 70 watts of crystal-clear audio into 4 ohms, plus a robust 500 watts for a subwoofer system, all from a single compact chassis. Each pair of main channels is also fully bridgeable, stoutly producing 200 watts of full-range audio bliss (into 4 ohms), creating an ultra-powerful 3-channel amplifier.

Conveniently located on top of the RD900/5, you’ll find a complement of studio-grade signal processing features, all hidden beneath a removable protective cover. Each pair of main channels is equipped with a 12 dB / octave high-pass filter, with a dedicated low-pass filter for its subwoofer channel. All three crossovers offer continuously variable frequency selection from 50-500 Hz, for precise filtering. Dual-range, differential-balanced inputs are also onboard, capable of accepting most input voltage levels, plus automatic turn-on capability (via signal sensing or DC-offset sensing) for maximum versatility.

LED clipping indicators are also standard equipment for each channel section. This all-new, innovative feature lets you easily set your amplifier’s input sensitivity settings, quickly and accurately, with no special equipment needed. The RD900/5 features a durable, black powder-coated finish and a top-mounted, dual-color LED light strip that reports the overall status and condition. With the addition of an RBC-1 remote level control (sold separately), you can conveniently control the subwoofer’s output remotely from the driver’s seat.

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