1000/1v2: Monoblock Class D Amplifier, 1000 W

SKU # 98086

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Monoblock Class D Subwoofer Amplifier, 1000 W x 1 @ 1.5-4 Ω

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This high-powered icon has made its mark over a decade-long production run, thanks to its prodigious real-world power delivery, fidelity and ruggedness.

Efficient Class D technology with a patented control circuit and JL Audio's signature R.I.P.S. power supply design ensure full power delivery (1000 W) over a wide range of load impedances and vehicle voltages.

The 1000/1v2 also boasts a very complete set of signal processing features, including a parametric bass EQ and fully variable infrasonic filter.

This amplifier features a brushed aluminum finish with black powder-coated cast alloy heat sink and end caps.

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