FS110-W5-SG-TB: Single M10W5, Fiberglass Sealed Enclosure, Titanium Sport Grille, 4 Ω

SKU # 91955

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Enclosed Subwoofer System with M10W5-SG-TB Subwoofer Driver, Gloss Black (250 W, 4 Ω)

This subwoofer system is ready to install in your boat and features rock-solid, all-fiberglass enclosure construction with a beautiful, gloss-black gel-coat finish.

The sealed enclosure is precisely tuned to deliver outstanding quality sub-bass response in an open-air boat installation. Loaded inside, is our maximum-performance M10W5 10 in. subwoofer driver.

This system is best used with amplifier power in the 75-250 W range. The enclosure is not drilled for speaker cable. This allows the installer to select the best surface to exit the cable from, based on the specific installation.

Like all JL Audio marine speakers, this system is built to withstand a real saltwater marine environment and deliver years of listening enjoyment.

Product Model SKU #
FS108-W5-CG-WH 90017
FS108-W5-SG-TB 90018
FS110-W5-CG-WH 91954
FS110-W5-SG-TB 91955
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