HO210G-W3v3: Dual 10W3v3 H.O. Wedge, Ported, 2 Ω

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Enclosed Subwoofer System with Dual 10W3v3-4 Subwoofer Drivers, Dark Gray / Black Carpet (1000 W, 2 Ω) - Ported Enclosure

JL Audio's patented High Output Enclosures are designed to deliver the ultimate high-performance bass experience with a rare combination of superb sound quality and awesome output.

JL Audio's patented, chamber-coupled port design (U.S. patent #6,625,292) wraps around the inner enclosure boundary and terminates to the outside of each woofer, coupling the port output to the woofers' direct output. This also provides the necessary surface area and port length to maximize the performance of the W3v3 drivers.

This enclosure design has been carefully engineered to the optimum ported alignment for two 10W3v3's, and has been fine-tuned through extensive real-world listening. This efficient system will produce superb output with as little as 300W of amplifier power, but performs best with a 600 - 750 W amplifier.

This subwoofer system is shipped wired, loaded and ready to connect via a five-way binding post terminal. Three solid aluminum bars provide stylish and rugged woofer protection.

Finish: Dark gray, high-grade automotive carpet, with black carpet on woofer baffle. "JL AUDIO" is embroidered in silver on the top surface of the enclosure.

Construction: CNC-Cut High-Grade MDF

Recommended amplifier power: 150 - 500W
Nominal Impedance: 2 Ω

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