M3-10IB-C-Gw-4: 10-inch (250 mm) Marine Subwoofer Driver, Gloss White Classic Grille, 4 Ω

SKU # 93527

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M3 10-inch Marine Subwoofer Driver for Infinite-Baffle Use (175 W, 4 Ω) - Gloss White Classic Grille

With appropriate system setup, the addition of a subwoofer allows your smaller main speakers to be free of the burden of reproducing low frequencies. This allows your whole system to play louder and to sound cleaner at all listening levels.

Purpose-engineered and built for real marine duty, the M3 infinite-baffle subwoofers are designed to operate without a dedicated enclosure and are targeted towards moderate power applications.

The M3-10 is best used with amplifier power in the 50W - 175W range and is optimized to operate with a large volume of air behind it (at least 2 cu. ft. / 56.6 l). If you need a subwoofer driver that operates in a small sealed enclosure, select our M6-10W, instead.

Like all JL Audio marine speakers, this driver is built to withstand a real saltwater marine environment and deliver years of listening enjoyment.

Product Model SKU #
M3-10IB-C-Gw-4 93527
M3-10IB-S-Gw-4 93530
M3-10IB-S-Gm-4 93528
M3-10IB-S-Gw-i-4 93531
M3-10IB-S-Gm-i-4 93529
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